Life Is A Skinfull Affair

We are our choices.

Skinfull Affairs provides conscientious cosmetics and treatments that enhance natural beauty and provide a relaxing and indulgent experience.

We believe beauty is a state of mind – and we care about what goes in & on our bodies. Skinfull Affairs operates with a distinct focus on wellbeing.

We have journeyed far to find great products that come from all corners of the globe and are filled with natural ingredients, vegetarian (vast majority vegan), cruelty-free and made with  high content of organic ingredients.

Along the way we have forged warm relationships with those who share our vision.

Join us as we journey forward



Escape the carousel of stress and catch a moment of peace and tranquillity


“Recently had a manicure in this new beauty salon…and a week later polish was in mint condition! A great new salon…love the cool chic decor and staff are very friendly. Pity I didn’t have more time to sample their ‘bamboo’ massage or facial but will definitely be back. Looking forward to their Yonka evening on Wednesday to pick up a few products and tips!”

Grace Heneghan

“Amazing place! You walk in and like you are with your best friends in someone’s living room. So welcoming, friendly, professional, relaxing, fun, kind,open and wonderful place that it’s a must visit place in Dublin. Went with a friend to get our henna tattoos done and we are over the moon happy. Time and money well spent. Will be back, so many other things to try xxoo”

Maja Vrbanc

“Had a wonderful day with friends – between us we had threading, facials and a couple of impromptu files and polish. The salon has a gorgeous atmosphere and I’m looking forward to heading back”

Sarah Finlay

“It’s not selfish to Love yourself, take care of yourself and to make your Happiness a priority. It’s necessary! – Mandy Hale
Thank You for wonderful morning”

Rita Miskel

“A manicure that doesn’t damage your nails! Yippee! (Or your conscience for that matter). And my skin was really glowing after the facial too. Such a treat x”

Susan Loghnane

“Loved my hand massage, was quite stressed with work – all staff made me feel very welcome and as relaxed as I could get! I felt the benefits afterwards. ”

Anne Barry