Healthy Halloween Ideas

//Healthy Halloween Ideas

Don’t want to hand out sweets this year for Halloween? Here are some alternative ideas for your little trick or treater’s…

  • Why not give out other little gifts? Pens, pencils, balloons, fake tattoos, stickers – or even tooth brushes!!! We found some great bargains in Tiger.
  • Mix nuts and dark chocolate nuts, this will reduce the sugar and the protein in the nuts will balance their blood sugars a little bit more than pure chocolate…just watch out for allergies!
  • Better still would be salty nuts, preferably not peanuts but almonds or cashews, and in an ideal world freshly salted/roasted and salted by you so you know the salt is a healthy sea salt and is lightly used without any added MSG. In tiny bags…
  • Fruit is an obvious option, not always well received, but still good to try. Mandarin oranges with a little pumpkin face drawn on can perk it up a little bit.
  • Little juice cartons – just watch the sugar content! If you buy them in packs and only give one out it’s not too expensive.
  • Mini Pumpkin Muffins – Great little treats for any hungry monster. See recipe here


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