Wow! Another year gone. We have had such an amazing 2017!

Skinfull Affairs opened its doors on Christmas eve, 24th of December 2016 with the intent to change the beauty industry.

We love gathering like minded people, so this year we saw lots of different in-store events happening including “How to Detox from Sugar” with Orla, “Sprouting Workshop” and “Daily Detox Tips with LifeCleanse, “Making you own Natural Cosmetics Demonstration” with Wapo Beauty, “How to transition to a plant-based diet” with Holly White .We also had Karl from Kotanical talking about essential oils and the distillation process, Linda Conway from Stiall  talking about Sustainability in Fashion, to name a few highlights of 2017! We learned so much on each one of these events and also met extraordinary people. We also had opportunities to bring Skinfull Affairs to Citibank, Facebook, Paypal, VegFest, and at the celebrations on Vegetarian World Day.  and it was great craic!

We also saw the launch of  some incredible new products such as our handmade candles that are 100% Soy based,  Pit Putty – the 100% natural deodorant that works, Kripa Venezia – a revolutionary make up line which is natural, 100% vegetarian (majority vegan) and incredible performance.

2018 will see more exciting launches for us as we keep our research around the world to bring you only the best. Stick with us, 2018 is going to be huge!

Best wishes from Skinfull Affairs team!