Bust Cellulite and Banish Winter Skin with Skinfull Affairs!

//Bust Cellulite and Banish Winter Skin with Skinfull Affairs!

We are delighted to finally see the sun poke his face out from behind the usual grey, Irish clouds. From Storm Emma to baltic temperatures, it is a relief that Ireland is slowly- but surely- moving into summer weather. It’s time to throw away your Lemsips and get your skin, body and mind ready for summer!

As beach body season rapidly approaches, so does the common dread of exposed cellulite. An extremely common skin condition in most women, cellulite closely resembles the surface texture of orange peel. The extremity of the condition varies from person to person, not even bothering some lucky people!

To help those of you whom it does bother, however, Skinfull Affairs is offering the perfect summer-prep solution for you.

Our in-salon treatment, the Cellulite Buster Massage, is the most effective cruelty-free cellulite treatment on the market in Dublin. A combination of treatments, the Cellulite Buster Massage is guaranteed to break down cellulite by increasing circulation, promoting collagen production and improving that ‘orange peel’ appearance of the skin.

The treatment begins with warm bamboo massage, an innovative technique that provides an intensive form of deep tissue massage. The heated bamboo rolls and kneads the tissue to relax the body and mind, while also encouraging blood flow. The increased blood flow to the surface of the skin helps to create a smoother texture to touch. To break down cellulite even further, the treatment progresses to perform various body brushing techniques. Body brushing improves circulation in the skin, removes dead skin cells and helps to resurface the texture of the skin, hence reducing cellulite. It is also an extremely therapeutic practice which will leave you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Results appear from the very first treatment, however improved results are seen for every further completed treatment. We recommend doing a course of 8 sessions, two times a week for one month, priced at €320, for best results.

Another effective treatment for cellulite that we offer is Body Brushing alone. For best results, we recommend a course of 6 treatments, priced at €200.

How to Treat Cellulite at Home

  1. Drink lots of water. Water is the best and most natural way to keep your health at its best, as well as to keep the blood flowing throughout the body. Add a slice of lemon in your water to allow your body to participate in a complete detox.
  2. Exfoliate. Scrub your body twice a week, particularly focusing on areas of cellulite. This helps to maintain circulation in the area, resulting in smoother looking skin. We recommend Dr. Konopka’s Modelling and Sculpting Body Scrub– it not only smells delicious, but it is 100% vegan and is made of natural ingredients.
  3. Moisturise. Moisturise the body every day to keep your skin nourished and looking its healthiest. Focus on problem areas particularly post-exfoliating to replenish any lost moisture. We recommend Organic Shop’s Active Modelling Night Body Cream– the hard-working, natural formula works while you sleep, allowing you to wake up every morning with the appearance of more toned skin.
  4. A Healthy Diet. You are what you eat, so it’s no surprise that cellulite can be greatly reduced by consuming a healthy diet. Avoid foods that can cause rapid weight-gain and inflammation, limit your dairy intake and try to replace fatty proteins and processed foods with healthy legumes and grains.
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