Anti-Ageing 101

For some, the natural ageing process is their worst nightmare. In desperate attempt to reverse the clock, society indulges in expensive, invasive solutions like botox, lip fillers, plastic surgery and face lifts. But did you know that most of these treatments do more harm than good?

Unfortunately, most products used in medical procedures like these have usually been tested on animals. More specifically, the products have most likely been tested on dogs – beagles, to be precise. Beagles are regularly used in medical cosmetic tests due to their kind nature, which results in them showing the most pain and distress than any other breed of dog. Not only this, but many of these treatments use animal products and by-products. And don’t even get started about the devastating effects that many surgical procedures can cause!

At Skinfull Affairs, we believe in embracing natural beauty- conscientiously. Through a balanced, primarily plant-based diet and the use of organic and natural beauty products, we believe that true beauty comes to the surface when the mind, body and soul are all indulged and cared for. Here are our anti-ageing hacks for you to try next time you begin to consider going under the knife!

Yon-Ka Express Anti-Aging Facial, €50 / 30mins
The ultimate quick-fix facial that specifically targets ageing skin. The treatment includes and aromatic compress, a warm mist with Yon-Ka’s signature Quintessence concoction of oils, a hydrating vegetal exfoliation, an anti-ageing mask for the face and neck, a vitalising protecting base and a collagen-boosting massage. A quick yet efficient approach to target skin in need of a helping hand.

Yon-Ka Age-Defence Facial, €85 / 60mins
The most efficient natural anti-ageing facial on the market. The treatment includes an aromatic compress, two warm mists with Yon-Ka’s signature Quintessence conception of oils, a vegetal exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and boost circulation, elimination of blackheads, a relaxing and collagen-boosting massage for the face, neck and décolletage area, a plumping mask for the eye contours and a purifying mask with an aromatic compress for the face and neck.

Microdermabrasion + Yon-Ka Facial, €115 / 60mins
An intense skin-boosting facial. The dual action treatment helps to resurface the skin by stimulating blood flow, encouraging the skin to produce new collagen and elastin, hence reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment is combined with a facial tailored to your skin concerns and skin type. Consultation included.

Cellulite Buster, €50 / 30mins
This summer special cellulite-busting treatment is what everyone needs before their holidays! The treatment includes a quick detoxing body brush, a deep cellulite-busting bamboo massage and slimming modelling body gel application. For best results, a package of 8 is recommended (2 x weekly).

TOKA Pelvic Muscle Trainer, Single, €19.95
As we get older, our bodies start to deteriorate in some areas- particularly down below in women. Keeping the pelvic muscles toned and healthy is essential for women’s health in all stage of life. A healthy and toned pelvic floor helps to prevent incontinence, but also helps to strengthen the area, thus improving the quality of sexual intercourse and orgasms. The TOKA pelvic muscle trainer is made of super soft, dermatologically tested silicone, and its ergonomic design is easy to use, hygienic and practical.

Dr. Konopka’s Regenerating Face Mask, €12.50
This repairing face mask is designed with dry, mature skin in mind. Ideal for those prone to rosacea, acne and eczema, this mask is a rich concoction of essential vitamins and minerals needed to combat the skin’s natural ageing process. Organic sage oil and wild rose extract help to repair the skin and boost elastin, while improving the skin’s natural moisture levels, thus reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

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