Meet Emma Hyland, MuMe founder!

//Meet Emma Hyland, MuMe founder!
Skinfull Affairs Welcomes: MuMe, the Cruelty Free and Vegan Solid Makeup Brush Cleaner
At Skinfull Affairs, we stock the some of the finest and most conscientious beauty products on the market. We are absolutely delighted to welcome MuMe, the Irish, vegan, cruelty-free solid makeup brush cleaner, into the store. We caught up with MuMe’s founder, Emma Hyland, to discover her inspiration behind the product, and the importance of why the Irish market should be using it.

We asked Emma exactly what MuMe is, as well as about the product’s cruelty-free status.’MuMe is an Irish company that makes a good natural solid makeup brush cleanser!’ explains Emma. The brush cleaner is completely cruelty-free, and bears an official PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) certification. ’The product is of high quality, is free from plastic, and is proudly made in Ireland.’ Emma continues. 

While working in a beauty college, Emma worked professionally in the makeup industry. Along her beauty journey, she could not find an affordable brush cleaner for her kit that would not spill, and her students at the beauty college shared the same concern. 
‘I had an idea about what ingredients could potentially work to clean the students brushes easily,’ stated Emma, who had been hand-making natural skincare products and soaps for some time prior to MuMe, ‘after a lot of research, I designed a solid makeup brush cleaner. It was full of natural ingredients, and was designed to be in a tin for easy use- perfect for a makeup artist’s professional kit!’
It is safe to say that the feedback Emma received for her innovative product was so positive, that her future journey was laid out in front of her. ‘I began to put more effort into the label and the brand name- and so, MuMe was born.’
As a passionate animal lover, Emma shares our views at Skinfull Affairs on the importance of cruelty-free beauty. 
‘I believe animal testing is just not necessary,’ she exclaims, ‘I love animals and it saddens me to think that animal testing still goes on. That’s why it’s so important that you only buy trusted cruelty-free products, and help put a stop to it.’
Of course, we wanted to have an idea about what products Hyland swears by, and what her absolute handbag essentials are on a daily basis. ‘Sunscreen!’ she says, ‘I’d never go anywhere without my factor 50- even in the winter! I also always carry a lip gloss- I’ve currently been carrying around a lovely red lip gloss that I made myself.’
In the world of business comes many challenges- particularly when it comes to initially creating awareness of your product or brand. We asked Emma what have been her biggest challenges in business to date, and her positive outlook is so inspiring.
‘The biggest challenge at the moment is brand awareness,’ she states, ‘getting the MuMe name out there without a huge budget can be difficult. I think that brand awareness will be an ongoing challenge for a while. But, apart from that, taking the business to the next stage and expanding into new markets will certainly be an exciting step.’
However, despite the challenges that Emma has faced so far, she has been met with rewarding achievements.
‘A positive surprise I had recently was winning an award so soon after MuMe’s launch!’ MuMe won the category of ‘Best Beauty Tool 2018’ at the Image Best of Beauty Awards 2018, and also ‘Best Beauty Buy 2018’ at the Hi Magazine Awards 2018. ‘Mume is also in the running for the Awards under the category for ‘Best Newcomer’ alongside Kripa Venezia, also stocked at Skinfull Affairs.
When asked what delights her in the world of business, Hyland was quick to respond positively; ‘What delights me is the amazingly positive feedback from customers and professionals alike, and the willingness of other business owners to support and share their knowledge.’
So, what’s the next step for MuMe? Hyland has a clear vision of exactly where she desires the future of MuMe to go. 
‘I would love for MuMe to become a recognised brand that people associate high quality and natural ingredients with, that they continue to come back to.’ 
Of course, we trust that having MuMe stocked in our store at Skinfull Affairs will gain Emma’s business further exposure and business. ‘Skinfull Affairs is a great store with a great ethos,’ Emma compliments, ‘Grace, the founder, puts a lot of time and effort into researching products to ensure that her customers get the very best. It’s an honour to have MuMe on the shelves next to other fantastic international brands who put cruelty-free and natural ingredients first.’
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