Cruelty Free Christmas Party Hair

//Cruelty Free Christmas Party Hair

When it comes to cruelty-free haircare, we stock a variety of haircare products that deliver high quality, professional results, without taking their toll on the planet or its animals! What’s more, the haircare products that we stock in our store are free from the likes of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, parabens, and propylene glycol- damaging ingredients that are commonly found in commercial haircare products.

To prep your hair this winter for Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve, we have concocted a selection of volumising haircare products available in our store for this article, so that you can gather your bits and pieces for bouncy, lustrous locks this cold winter season!

Organic Shop Raspberry & Acai Volumising Shampoo/Mask

Revitalise your hair and senses with this vividly fruity shampoo/mask, free from SLS and nasty ingredients. The certified organic formula cares for the hair by thoroughly cleansing without stripping the hair of its natural moisture levels. Organic raspberry replenishes the hair with essential vitamin C for shiner, more manageable hair, while organic acai helps to strengthen and nourish the hair with vitamins A, E, and B. Hair is left feeling healthy, clean, and looking bouncier than ever.

Organic Shop Raspberry & Acai Volumising Shampoo, €5.50, available at Skinfull Affairs

Organic Shop Raspberry & Acai Volumising Hair Mask, €5.50, available at Skinfull Affairs

Dr. Konopka’s Volumising Serum

This COSMOS Natural certified hair serum is vegan and is made with Dr. Konopka’s miracle N28 special herbal oil, a magical concoction that helps to eliminate dandruff, reduce hair loss, boost volume, and promote healthier, shiner-looking hair.

Dr. Konopka’s Volumising Serum, €7.95, available at Skinfull Affairs

Yon-Ka Huile Delicieuse
Indulge your hair in a little bit of luxury with Dr. Yon-Ka’s beautiful Huile Delicieuse. A delicately aromatic blend of natural sunflower, baobab, and sesame oils, this oil can be used on both the skin and hair to nourish, improve texture, and retain moisture. The light formula leave no greasy residue, and leaves a divine, light scent upon the hair. Ideal for camouflaging any split ends or damaged hairs!

Warrior Botanicals Dry Shampoo

Unfortunately, commercial dry shampoos are commonly composed of toxic ingredients that damage both the hair and scalp. Not only this, but many commercial dry shampoos also contain talc, which can be potentially harmful if inhaled. Irish brand, Warrior Botanicals, offers two beautiful dry shampoos for all hair types; a cocoa scent and shade for darker hair colours, and a vanilla scent and shade for lighter hair shades. The talc-free dry shampoos deliver long-lasting refreshment between washes, while also enhancing the hair’s volume for a bouncy, ‘big hair’ look.

Warrior Botanicals Dry Shampoo, €16.50, available at Skinfull Affairs

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