No More Plastic, That’s Fantastic!

//No More Plastic, That’s Fantastic!

We can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas! While we prepare for festive celebrations of delicious food, family, friends, and more, at Skinfull Affairs we have been thinking a lot about how to reduce product waste when it comes to gift wrapping this Christmas. Unfortunately, a lot of plastic and unnecessary filler is used at Christmas time for all sorts of Christmas gifts and products, but this year we have come up with some affordable, handy, and DIY ways to elegantly package gifts for your loved ones- and all with a personal touch! Here are our top tips on how to eco-wrap your gifts this Christmas.

Reuse old boxes

Whether it’s a tiny box that a pair of earrings came in, a shoebox, or even a box that originally held packets of microwave popcorn in it, reusing old boxes for gifts is a timeless and eco-friendly idea. Paint over the cardboard and even dip them in a bit of glitter to get creative with them!

brown gift box on white surface

Get creative with filler

One of the most negative attributes of gift wrapping is all of the unnecessary filler used to prevent the contents of the package from moving around. From foam filler to bubble wrap, it’s time to ditch these wasteful products this Christmas and replace them with some more eco-friendly, biodegradable ones! Why not go for a stroll and collect the fallen autumn leaves that may still be lying around? Another option is to scrunch up pieces of old newspaper or old receipts to make little balls that have a similar effect to foam filler. Or even food goods like popcorn can do the trick!

white printer papers arranged into buntings hanging decorations

Transform your old clothes into decorations

If you have a pile of old clothes that have some gorgeous patterns, why not reuse them and transform them into decorations for your Christmas gifts? Instead of going out and purchasing ribbons and pom poms, try creating your own out of the fabric from your own clothing collection, or maybe even try creating handmade satchels to wrap up your presents for a more personal touch!

red and beige heart-printed cloth

Include nature in your gift wrapping

Look for fallen twigs and berries in nature to attach to your gifts when they’re wrapped for a festive touch, or snip off the end of a twig from your Christmas tree! Plus, this touch will envelop your gifts with the scent of Christmas and winter plants.

two green leaves on white cardboard boxes

Hit the charity shops

Charity shops contain affordable, hidden gems that can be useful for gift wrapping at Christmas time. Look for gifting containers like old boxes and jars, or for filler ideas like scarves. There may even be some items that would make a perfect gift for someone if you’re on a budget!

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