Take Time for YOU This Christmas with a Vegan Spa Night

//Take Time for YOU This Christmas with a Vegan Spa Night

The Christmas period can take a lot out of our wellbeing with partying, organising, and all sorts of emotional experiences. An entire season based around the principle of caring and giving, we can often forget about ourselves by neglecting to notice our own feelings and what our bodies are telling us. 

While going out for an indulgent spa day is an utter treat- particularly when this is gifted to us as a present at this time of year- there are simpler ways to look after ourselves and restore our wellbeing that are just as effective and that don’t break the bank. Why not gather some vegan beauty products and have your very own vegan spa experience at home?

Here are the cruelty-free and vegan items to help you take some time off everything  this Christmas and replenish your wellbeing for the new year.

Set the ambience with a vegan candle
To create the ambience of a spa in your own home, candles are the perfect first step for your journey of bliss. At Skinfull Affairs we offer a variety of our own soy wax candles, which are completely cruelty-free and vegan. Our candles also are free from toxic ingredients and do not emit toxins into the atmosphere!
For an evening of total relaxation and indulgence, we recommend our gorgeous Lavender Soy Wax candle. Known for its healing and calming properties, lavender has the power to transport the mind into a state of tranquility.

Skinfull Affairs Lavender Candle, €19.95, available at Skinfull Affairs

Run a bath with healing bath salts

Natural bath salts boast a broad variety of benefits for our skin and wellbeing, so we definitely recommend adding this step into your at-home vegan spa experience. From soothing aching muscles to softening the skin, natural bath salts will leave you feeling cleansed of any stress in both the body and mind. We love Danish brand Ecooking’s Bath Salt, a multi-purpose product derived from seaweed salt by the Mariager Fjord in Denmark. 

The grey, cloudy seaweed salt contains a collection of vitamins and minerals that provide essential nutrients to the skin, including; Magnesium, Calcium, and Potassium. The salt can be used as a body, foot, hand, and face scrub when mixed with an oil, and is so natural that it can even be used in cooking!

Ecooking Bath Salt, €14.95, available at Skinfull Affairs

Restore your tresses with a hair mask

In winter it is a common problem that the cold Irish weather can strip the hair of moisture, resulting in frizz and a lack-lustre appearance. Take your at-home vegan spa night as an opportunity to revive your locks with a restoring hair mask! Organic Shop’s Argan & Amla Nourishing Hair Mask does exactly the job. 

Enriched with organic Moroccan Argan oil and Organic Amla Oil, the hair mask is full of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and Vitamin E to protect against free radicals and environmental factors. 

Organic Shop Argan & Amla Nourishing Hair Mask, €5.50, available at Skinfull Affairs

Reveal smooth skin with an exfoliating face mask

Face masks are a go-to when having an at-home spa night, but many commercial face masks are not vegan. For an ultra deep cleanse and exfoliation with a vegan formula, we recommend French brand La Canopée’s Fruit Acids Mask: The Perfect Exfoliant. 

The all-natural formula is free from petrochemicals and toxic ingredients and works hard to remove dead skin cells and improve imperfections. The mask evens out the skin tone and leaves the skin ready to absorb active ingredients from your moisturiser.

La Canopée Fruit Acids Mask: The Perfect Exfoliant, €30.00, available at Skinfull Affairs

Banish dry feet and elbows with a pumice stone

To completely soften your entire body from head to toe, finish off your scrubbing ritual by using a natural pumice stone on the soles of the feet and the elbows. We love Syrian-French brand Najel’s Natural Pumice Stone, which is sourced from natural volcanic rock. 

The stone can be used on both dry and damp skin to remove calluses and remove dead skin cells.

Najel Natural Pumice Stone, €6.00, available at Skinfull Affairs

Replenish your body with moisture

Rejuvenate your skin all over with an organic body mousse to replenish moisture, soften, and delicately scent the skin. Organic Shop’s Bali Flower Body Mousse is an indulgent body mousse that is so light in texture that it just glides along the skin.

The combination of sensual organic ylang-ylang and seratonin-releasing organic neroli work together to firm the skin while leaving the skin smelling divine.

Organic Shop Body Mousse Bali Flower, €5.50, available at Skinfull Affairs

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