New Year Resolutions: How to Benefit the Planet in 2019

//New Year Resolutions: How to Benefit the Planet in 2019

2018 is rapidly drawing drawing to a close, so as we are preparing to make our New Year resolutions, we are also reflecting on the last year and what we could have done to make more of a difference. From climate change to animal welfare to the horrifying viral photographs of the ‘plastic sea’, we want to make 2019 a year that we are proud of by not only looking out for our own wellness and health, but by doing things that benefit the planet as a whole and all of the beings who are on it.

Here are our top picks for New Year resolutions that you can adopt to make a difference in 2019.

Walk and cycle more – ditch the car!

While driving is a very handy skill to have, it is a fact that reducing the amount that you drive reduces your carbon footprint. Walking and cycling, on the other hand, are activities that are full of health benefits that don’t take its toll on the environment. Reduce your weekly car journeys by one journey and replace it with a healthy walk or cycle to your destination- your body and mind will thank you!

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Use re-useable bags when shopping

Not only you are saving to pay almost €1.00 for a plastic bag in the shops, plastic bags are one of the world’s leading environmental polluters. Stock up on reusable shopping bags to carry your goods around, or even make your own out of some old clothes if you are on a budget.

Go organic

Opting an organic lifestyle is one of the best decisions you can make that can benefit the planet as well as your health. Organic produce does not contain chemicals, pesticides, and fertilisers that contaminate non-organic produce. Non-organic produce is a contributing factor towards damaging the environment and poisoning water supplies. Organic farming encourages responsible action over farmland, the environment, and soil.

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Why not try Veganuary?

The vegan movement has taken the planet by storm, particularly in 2018. If you are sceptical about veganism, or perhaps you don’t quite understand the hype, why not experiment and try Veganuary? For the month of January, adopt a plant-based lifestyle and stock up on greens, beans, and clean things. Who knows- your body may love it!

No more plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are a leading cause of toxic waste in our oceans, so it’s important to avoid purchasing them. Reuse any glass bottles that you may have (it you’re on a budget, browse your local charity shop for one), or purchase a good water beaker. Spice up your water container with things to keep your water tasty; slices of citrus fruits, twigs of mint or thyme, or berries.

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Opt for a re-useable coffee cup

In 2018 we thankfully witnessed many coffee chains opting to stock re-useable and compostable coffee cups, including Insomnia introducing compostable coffee cups, and other coffee shops introducing their loyalty reusable coffee cup scheme. However, it is important to keep on top of your coffee cup in the event that there are no compostable coffee cups available in the coffee shop you go to, so why not invest in a good re-useable coffee cup in 2019? Some places even sell foldable ones, so that you can keep it in your pocket for convenience.

Start composting

Composting is a practice that gives back to the earth. The nutrients in compost matter nurture the soil and encourage organic growth in the land, while also providing food to wildlife. It’s easy to incorporate composting into your life- just get a little bucket with a lid to store your compostable waste in your kitchen, and empty in your desired location when necessary!

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