Transitioning your Skincare from Winter to Spring

With summer right around the corner, it is safe to say that we will all be celebrating the arrival of warmer days very soon. Once the temperatures start to rise, it is important to remember that we need to start adapting our skincare regimes to ensure that they are suitable for the months ahead.

To help our customers in the right direction, we wanted to share some tips that will guide you to transition your skincare regime from winter to spring

Clear Out your Skincare Stash

One of the first things you should do when transitioning your skincare regime, is to do a spring clean of your current skincare products. It is most likely that you have a lot of old products lingering in your bathroom cabinet, and some you will probably never use. Firstly, you cannot hold onto products that are way past their expiration date. And if you have products that are still good, but you know that you will never use them, why not pass it along to a friend of family member that will.

By clearing out your old skincare products, you will able to identify clearly what you have in your arsenal. There is a strong chance that you will accidentally use a product that is really old, and therefore, no longer effective. Additionally, once everything is cleaned up, you should have some extra room to add a few products.

Switch to a Lighter Moisturiser

When the weather is cold, our skin is a lot more vulnerable to losing its moisture. This is why most of the time, we switch to a thicker, creamier moisturisers during that time of year. Once the warmer days begin to come around, these moisturisers can become way too heavy for our skin to absorb.

For example, Yon-Ka’s Crème 93 is the ideal daytime moisturiser for combination skin. Not only does it help to balance your skin with a beautiful matte finish, it also helps to keep your makeup in place throughout the day. Another good option for Hydra No.1 Crème users, is switching to Hydra No.1 Fluid, this ultra-lightweight mattifying moisturiser is ideal product for oilier skin that also tends to be dehydrated. 

Exfoliation is Key

If you feel that your skin is looking a little dull thanks to the cold weather, you will want to make exfoliation a part of your regular routine. When we exfoliate the skin, we are able to eliminate all of the dead skin cells that have built-up during the winter months. Using an exfoliator 1-2 times a week, will reveal a more youthful and fresher looking skin that you will love.

We have two types of skin exfoliants from Yon-Ka, that suit various types of skin. First, Yon-Ka’s Guarana scrub made up of 11 different plant extracts including guarana seed-microbeads and brown rice powder to exfoliate. It contains natural caffeine that helps to brighten the complexion of the skin, that gives you a nice shot of energy in the morning. Secondly, our widely popular Yon-Ka Gommage exfoliating gel, this 4-in-1 facial peel possesses an extraordinary exfoliating, clarifying, hydrating and balancing effect all in one. It’s a super gentle, non-irritating exfoliant, that is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skins.

Try a Soothing Facial Treatment

During colder months, the hard temperatures can really take a toll on our skin. There can be a lot of windy days or central heating that leave our faces dry, red and irritated. Once winter comes to an end, many times we find that our skin isn’t looking or feeling its best. This is why it is beneficial to use a soothing facial treatment that helps you restore and replenish our skin.

Specialty products, such as Yon-Ka’s Booster collection can help to banish those red, irritated, itchy patches to get your skin feeling back to normal again. A great product to consider is Yon-Ka’s Booster Nutri+. This booster is specifically designed for dry skin to provide the repair and nourishment that your skin needs thanks to sunflower, soybean, and corn oils. Additionally, it helps to protect your skin by strengthening the skin’s barrier and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Simply add a few drops of the booster to your usual cream, then apply to the face and neck area.

It is the perfect way to give your skin an instant boost.

Remember the SPF

Many dermatologist will tell you, no matter what your skin concern is, it is important to wear sunscreen every day, regardless of what the temperature or weather is like. In reality, many times we may have gotten out of the habit of wearing sunscreen during these winter months. Spring time is the time to get a new bottle of sunscreen and get back into the habit of using it continuously again.

The weather is getting warmer, we are going out outdoors more, but we still feel like the ‘hot’ summer months are a good bit away. As a result of this, people often disregard how strong the sun may be, and don’t protect themselves as they should. Yon-Ka’s SPF 50 sunscreen is suitable for all skin types and can be used on both the face and body. It has UVA and UBV protection that helps your sing to protect against signs of aging, sun-induced spots and helps to maintain the skins hydration.

Looking to switch up your skin routine but not sure where to start? We are more than happy to help. Simply contact us by clicking on button below, and we will arrange a digital consultation to assist you on your new skin journey.