Aleppo Soap with Incense

///Aleppo Soap with Incense

Aleppo Soap with Incense


These soaps combine ancestral Syrian know-how in the manufacture of Aleppo Soap with the fragrance of incense.

These small, scented Aleppo Soaps come in different shapes (round, diamond, heart…) that are easy and comfortable to hold. You can also put them in your wardrobe to gently scent your clothes.

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With 4% bay laurel oil, Aleppo Soap with Incense is recommended for daily cleansing of the face, body and hair. It leaves skin with a mild, slightly spicy fragrance. Perfect for you, gentlemen!

Rub soap on wet skin, wash then rinse with water.

Put these Najel incense soaps in your wardrobe to leave your clothes with a mild woody fragrance.


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