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Cuticle Oil 10ml

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100% natural organic nail serum free from petro chemicals and synthetic additives, rosa mosqueta and Vitamin E softens and nourishes the cuticles. Benefits: Rich bioactive oils soften cuticles, Rosa mosqueta regenerates and builds cell membranes providing cells with essential fatty acids, Carrot oil fights dry skin whilst fennel and frankincense are effective on any sores., Prevents brittle, peeling, flaking nails


Apply as frequently as possible to prevent peeling, brittle nails. Really spend a little time massaging it into the area so you bring a boost of blood to the nail area to help promote growth internally too.

Use of fingers and toes

One drop will be enough for 5 nails on average.

We suggest keeping it by your bed and applying every night before you go to sleep.
Lack of moisture is the main cause of breaking, dry, brittle and peeling nails. Varnishes and hardeners worsen this as over time they dry the nail plate further. Our cuticle oil formulation is virtually a facial grade serum and is the answer to most natural nail issue.


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