For him

For him


Gentlemen, rediscover Najel’s essentials for men, and take care of yourselves!

This gift box contains :

1 Aleppo Soap with lemon
1 Soap Dish in wood (temporary stock shortage of the soap dishes. It is substituted by a natural sea sponge from the Mediterranean)
1 Black Cumin oil Cosmos Organic certified
1 Alum stone

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Soap Dish

in wood

This soap dish is suitable for traditional 200 g Aleppo soaps, but is also suitable for smallerbars of soap. Made out of a soft wood, it is made up of grooves that curve towards its centre to allow the water to drain away. Your soap is kept dry and thus keeps for longer.

Black Cumin oil Cosmos Organic certified

Black cumin oil is suitable for all skin types. On a daily basis, gently massage onto your face, body and hair, avoiding the area around the eyes.

Alum Stone

Recommended for daily use, alum stone replaces a traditional deodorant. First wet the stone then apply it to the areas subject to perspiration (underarms, feet).

Precautions: for external use only. Do not use on damaged skin.


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