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Lotion Yon-ka PS


The phyto-aromatic healing water. This miracle product is more than just a toner; the healing mist is a beautiful photo-aromatic fountain containing botanical extracts and natural ingredients to re-balance and prepare the skin for everyday beauty products. The alcohol-free formula refreshes, tones, and sanitises the skin, while the scent of its essential oils re-energise the mind. The skin is left feeling fresh and soothed.



• Quintessence Yon-Ka : essential oils of Lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress, and thyme – balancing –Revitalizing – purifying
• Plant glycerin – hydrating

200ml btl

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In the morning and evening, spray a generous amount of lotion onto the face and neck after carefully cleansing. Massage in any excess with the effleurage and tap technique.
As a complement to MASQUE 105: spray the lotion on the mask to reinforce its action.


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