Vibrant Colour Lipstick 07

///Vibrant Colour Lipstick 07

Vibrant Colour Lipstick 07


Soft, comfortable and vibrant, the Kripa Venezia lipstick range provides intense, long-lasting colour. Infused with natural, moisturising ingredients, the lips are left feeling light, soft, with a beautiful and vivid colour and shine.


07 Caramel Nude




  • Biomimetic Peptide*: Stimulates collagen production and GAG (glycosaminoglycan). Proven through In-Vitro and clinical tests to hydrate and define the lip’s contour.
  • Low Melting Point Wax: 100% vegetable origin, the body’s temperature blends the wax into the lips to provide a softening and protecting effect.
  • Ecocert-Approved Esters: Deeply softens the lips
  • Vegetable Origin Squalane: Resurfaces and replenishes the lips
  • Sunflower Wax: Provides structure to the lipstick and softens the lips
  • Blend of Fatty Acids and Sterols from Macadamia Oil: Replenishes and strengthens the skin of the lips
  • Vegetable Lanolin: 100% vegetable origin and PEG-free. Mimics the performance of traditional lanolin, absorbing large quantities of water. Provides intense moisture to the lips and provides protective barrier to prevent water loss.
  • Rosemary Oil: Accelerates blood flow to the lips, providing a plumping effect
  • Food Grade Vanilla Extract: Provides an all natural, subtle fragrance


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